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Image of 90’s Swag Swimsuits
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90’s Swag Swimsuits

Highly elastic and flexible swimsuit with sewn in bra-cups. Real simple and not complicated, our one piece swimsuit is all that you'll need in anytime, anywhere. Just add water. Please note, Swim wear is cut Smaller due to the high quality of this suit so customers will receive a size up from what is ordered to ensure a great fit. Ex: you order a 16 you will receive an 18 because the 18 fits a 16 . These ship to you 3/30 as these are custom made .

Basic one piece swimsuit with reliable quality and durability.
Boy leg cut swimsuit with high flexibility and elasticity. Great for swimming, exercise, water sports etc.
Sewn with built in bra-cups to provide more breast support on chest area.
80% nylon, 20% spandex
Made in the USA

Image of 90’s Swag Swimsuits